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Prikaz lokacije na zemljevidu

10. apr ob 13:31

Since my Slovenian is very bad (I am Swedish) I can much better communicate with you in English for advice. I have a prepaid card in your bank that I since several years use for payments in the Internet (if someone hacks in, there is only a limited amount that can be taken and bank payments by other means are quite complicated). Now, that account is almost empty - and I am not 100% sure that it has not been hacked into at some occasion. Therefore I would like to ask if one may simply change the account number for renewing it, in a simple way. Or would it simply have to be replaced with another account of the same kind?
One personal problem is that I am almost 86 years old, living in Dutovlje with various physical old age problems and no more driving the car, and it is quite an endeavor for me to go to Sezana. I hope that this question can be dealt with by mail correspondence.
With kind regards
Jan Erik Sigdell

05. apr 2023 ob 10:07

Na TRR računu moje žene Nevenke LUTMAN SI56 1010-0000-0917-033 zasledim rezervacijo zneska 69,02 eur.
Dne 27.03.2023 je v super marketu SPAR Sežana izvedena storno transakcija (v priponki) št. potrdila 105635 v višini 69,02 eur.
Prosim, da anulirate rezervacijo.

28. okt 2019 ob 14:54

Cas je spremenjen.....sem ze pred casom predlagal spremembo (nov delovni cas).

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