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04. jan 2018 ob 22:55

A very rude, arrogant and insulting experience received from the security staff at MERKUR Ljubljana VIČ

Greetings, dear MERKUR management,

This is Simon Chang, a Taiwanese photographer living in Ljubljana.

I used to be a very loyal customer of MERKUR, but after a very unpleasant, disappointing and yet quite insulting experience received from one of your security staff today in the evening - I told myself I will NEVER ever visit MERKUR again!

Today (4/1) around 16h40 I was at MERKUR Ljubljana VIČ trying to buy some batteries for my camera.

The staff told me that those ones I was looking for were all sold out and asked me to come back again next week. Right at the moment I'm leaving the store; your security staff stopped me and asked me to go to the office in the back side with him, simply seems he thinks I'm kind of "suspicious" to his eyes; yes, "to HIS eyes".

At the very moment, I refused to follow his instruction since I would like to know the reason first before I go with me.

I asked him based on what evidence or judgement that he stopped me. He wasn't friendly at all, and he seems simply impatient and arrogant. I tried to argue with him mentioning such behavior is quite disrespectful and it's not a welcoming attitude to treat your customers to my knowledge.

He sort of FORCING me to the office in the back. He was simply very rude in many ways throughout the whole time. He asked me to put out everything from my backpack, my HOFER handbag and my pocket onto the desk. Meanwhile, there were two more other MERKUR employees just sitting quietly at the desk witnessing this security staff insulting me right there, but just watching...

I followed his instructions and put everything over the desk, but it seems it's still not enough for him - he even followed up and ORDERED me to turn around, my two hands should be held on the wall and he did the body search...

Of course, he found nothing in the end. But he did make MERKUR lose one of their customers today.

At the beginning I came as a customer, but that security staff treated me as if I'm a criminal!

What happened to me at MERKUR VIČ today was indeed so far THE most nasty, humiliating and even discriminatory experience I ever encounter at a store in my life.

I feel it's my responsibility to write you this email with my story and the complaint since I truly would not like to see the same arrogant attitude or such a humiliating behavior received by other customers.

Maybe he simply had a bad day. But it's not the reason to treat others, especially YOUR customer this way.

VERY VERY disappointing and rude in many ways.


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